What is dynamic packaging in travel and tourism?

Dynamic packaging is a method used in package holiday bookings to enable consumers to build their own package of flights, accommodation, and car rental instead of purchasing a pre-defined package. These combination of different travel components are packaged and priced in real-time in response to consumers’ demands.
It provides consumers to reach multiple services with a single search.

Benefit to consumers:

• Consumers can get a lower price than they purchase each independent component individually from individual travel portal.

• Consumers can plan and purchase their holidays through one website instead of visiting multiple websites to complete their travel plan. This save time and make consumer easy to compare price.

• Consumer can easily eliminate elements that they are not interested in compare to a traditional travel package. The flexibility to pick and choose makes travel planning more fun and exciting.

• Consumers can make their selections among travel products supplied by numerous service providers instead of the constraint to pick from a limited amount of variety from a single provider.

Benefits to Online Travel Agents:

• Ability to maximise the guest’s revenue from each booking made. With every dollar spent to bring in traffic to the portal, the agent can now potentially sell two or more products instead of just flight alone.

• Capability to offer a full range of travel products e.g. flights, hotels, tours, and more. This shows the image of the portal as an online travel megastore instead of just a mini mart.

• Ability to feature your own inventories which the system allows you to upload and manage your own hotel & activities contracts.

It is very seldom we find a travel portal offering dynamic packaging. An advanced dynamic packaging platform requires a lot of experienced and deep industry knowledge to build. Here in easyGDS, we cater for Flights plus Hotels dynamic packaging, which consists of 100s of API and counting, from global travel suppliers with the most competitive B2B rates. The good news is that it all starts from US 99/month.

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