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Sign -up and pick the right Plan (Economy, Premium, Business or First Class)

Sign-up here and pick the right plan. You can upgrade at any time BUT you won’t be able to downgrade.


Pick the template

Pick the site template, your Account Manager will share the list of templates we have available, you pick what is ideal for your business and provide us with your logo, other contact information etc. Please note that you will need to create domain records for us so that we can continue to use your domain for the new platform.


Select a payment gateway

We have already completed more than 30 payment gateway integrations worldwide. Pick the one which is right for your business. We can always be the merchant of record until you finalise your provider.


Implementation and Testing

We will take approximately 1-2 weeks to customise and get your platform ready. We will share with you regular updates on our progress. Once signed-off, we will go-ahead to launch it online for the public.


Go-Live, Site access

Once we are live, you can start promoting your new platform on all your social media channels and advertise it to other online media platforms. We will pass on your access to our admin portal where you can maintain mark-up, currency rates, booking management etc.

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