The best way to make money online with Travel Agent Booking Engines

Today global online sales of airline tickets, hotel rooms, tours and transfers, and insurance products are growing very fast. It is very easy for Travel Agents to sell new flight tickets, hotel rooms, tour, and transfer products over the internet to their customers and make money with properly configured web pages and online booking engines. An online booking engine is an inevitable phenomenon for travel agencies. It is also very important for travel agencies to open up to new markets, to communicate with customers they have never been in contact with before, in terms of brand awareness.

The cost that online travel agencies will spend on products such as flights, hotels, tours, transfer, and insurance will be very low compared to non-online travel agencies. You will have great cost savings and you can use this budget for fast, reliable, and feature-rich online booking platforms. If you use some of this profit as a discount for your customer, your profit will increase rapidly as your sales rate will increase constantly, and also platforms like easyGDS will allow you to maximize your business at minimum cost.

easyGDS is a fast, versatile, and easy-to-launch Online Travel Agency booking platform that is built exclusively for Travel Agents. It covers the full range of travel products including flights, hotels, car rentals, tours & activities, airport transfers and travel insurance so you can be sure that you provide your travellers with an all-inclusive travel experience.

So, what do you need to pay attention to be among the sector players?

Offer a clean and easy experience:

Research on customer behaviour in the e-commerce industry reveals that issues such as good design, short waiting times and an easy-to-use interface are the factors that affect purchasing decisions the most.

Show that you are reliable:

Make sure it is highly consistent, clear and understandable to all texts, action calls, contracts and price information screens on the site. The fact that all items from taxes to ticketing fees are easy to understand the price information screens, and the customer knows the number to be paid in the last step will significantly decrease your basket drop rates.

Improve your services:

Being able to offer different products to a guest who will make a reservation at your web-site will increase your preference rate. Being able to offer transfer, accommodation or activities to your customer who purchases a flight ticket will make your travel plans much easier and will increase your basket average.

As a result, you should choose your solution partners well. A partner that has minimized errors in the whole reservation process and supports you with its powerful suppliers will enable you to grow.

easyGDS, established in 2002, has been serving Airlines, Travel Agents, and OTAs through industry-leading, innovative booking engine technologies.


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